Build a career focal point!

  • Keep your online profile up to date!
  • Offer more about your career
  • Get your own identity and domain
  • Prepare a formatted resume
  • Describe your projects and tasks
  • Exemplify your career!
  • Show off what people have said about you and your work
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Turn your career into a robust presence!

GigBlast™ provides you with a complete career website where you can create a more complete and robust view of who you are, what you bring to the table and how your skills can be leveraged by perspective employers! Other sites only provide just enough space to create a flat, single page view of your career.

Presence! Differentiation! Mobility!


A Pragmatic Approach to Career Branding

Consolidate your online presence. Market your career by creating a focal point!

Market your experience. Showcase your skills and let employers know how they can leverage your expertise.

Control and manage your career. Dedicate time to update your skills and your website!


GigBlast™ Features

GigBlast Career Copilot™

Our Career Copilot™ is always with you and simple to use. Our AI-enhanced platform makes it easy for you to create and manage your career brand!

Pro Mobile Design

We built the platform to be mobile-friendly out of the box! Employers will be able to see who you are on almost whatever device!

Pro Domain & Email

Buy a custom domain from us or connect an existing domain to your career brand and take your brand to the next level!


Get all of these features (and more coming) for only $199.95 $60/yr.*!

*$25 one-time GigBlast Career Copilot™ setup fee