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Why are so many people afraid of compeition? When a big competitor enters a new market a lot of smaller players in that market immediately enter panic mode. Why? Instead of panicing why not step up your game?! You need to get a better idea of who your customers are and why this new player thinks they are going to be able to better fill the void.   Watch this video and learn how I apply this thought to the adult beverage industry!  

Dumb Dumb Work

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There is so much on my plate that I sometimes find myself speeding toward a brick wall. To avoid that brick wall I have created a process for myself that enables me to step back from the harder work and tackle much smaller and management tasks. I call it Dumb Dumb Work. A list of quick tasks I can knock out without having to think all too much. It allows me to shift gears and take my mind off of the harder tasks I am facing. This gives me a breather and helps me slow down. In most cases, when I ...


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I am by no means a clock-watcher. However, there are limits to how much I am going to devote to a job. Something as simple as answering emails to and from work is overtime. If you are already giving your job 8 hours a day, you are giving then even more time when you choose to work during your commute. In this video I talk about why this may not be the ideal situation for you and can definitely subtract from your quality of life by reducing your overall value. Sometimes it really does come down ...

Planning the Journey

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I met with a woman that had a general idea of what she wanted to do with her new business. When I sat with her she gave me a nice overview. It stopped there. She was unable to get into the details of her business. That is when I started working with her to develop a plan for the journey toward success.   Watch this video and learn why planning the journey is important!  

Tenacity and Drive

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An example of sticking with it. The idea of not stopping just because you get a little bit of resistance. You have to listen to who you are speaking with and find out what they are looking for or identify an opportunity for what you are trying to get across to them. Understand what they want or need.   Listen to how I approached this liquor store with a better way of reaching more people.

Time Limits

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I am here to give you tools that can help you move forward in business or your career. In this article we are discussing time limits. You have to understand your time limits when dealing with prospective clients. You need to keep the various stages of the sales process within acceptable parameters. For example, you do not want to spend an hour on the phone with someone during the initial phase unless your line of business calls for a longer duration in order to gather the necessary informatio...

Get it in Gear

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There are so many people out there offering words of inspiration and motivation. It is my quest to help people actually get it in gear and get things done. Watch the video and make your move!

Tenure at Top Tech Firms Drops to 2 Years

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As per Jay Samit, Independent Vice Chairman at Deloitte & bestselling author, over 3 million people in the United States quit their job last month. That must have spurred some thought. He posted some numbers that would shock you.   Jay Samit, Independent Vice Chairman at Deloitte & bestselling author What you are seeing is the average tenure at some of the world's leading tech companies. The numbers are astounding. The average employee at Facebook is only there for 2.02 yea...

There is Impact in your "I am"

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In my late twenties, I was the Audit Director for a billion dollar company traveling the world and using the phrase “Tone at the Top” every chance that I could. I even trained my auditors that the organization, its culture and their potential audit findings would most likely be a result of how those at the top of the organization dealt with risk, process and communicating vision. While this all still remains true, I’ve altered my thinking to also include every single person ...

Pivotal Moments: They happen to you or through you!

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Have you ever wondered why some leaders go down in history as one of the greats?  Better yet, wouldn’t it be amazing to be added to the list?  As life-learners, we all yearn to be better than we were yesterday.  We recognize that the world around us is rapidly transforming, so it’s a no-brainer that vigilance, flexibility and relevance is paramount.   While thinking about this subject, my mind wondered to the topic of sailing.  Don’t ask me why!&nbs...

The indisputable formula for sustainable success!

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Friends, there are two things that we must be honest with ourselves about. #1 Am I taking the appropriate amount of risk? #2 Is my leadership style positively infectious? If you can honestly answer yes to both of these questions, you are well on your way to a successful career, business and life. Let me explain further.   Risk is an important element to your trajectory. Although it never feels good when a situation or decision goes sour, standing idol while the world changes around you ...

Discipline in the routine will eventually shine through

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Friends, I have never played in a marching band, but I have thoroughly enjoyed the end product of countless hours of practice, determination and bond. For spectators like me, there is something magical about the rhythm of the entire unit.  However we must recognize that the team’s success truly lies within their routine. Let’s explore 5 key characteristics that could make our own teams amazing:   #1 Unselfishness – Individual instincts and desires ...

Business Lessons Before 7AM

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About the author   Friends, have you ever taken a moment to think about all the lessons that life teaches us before 7AM? Be honest, of course you haven’t! That’s why you were intrigued to read this article. So since you are here, let’s jump right into it! For those that know me, you know I’m an early riser. To be an early riser one must have some sort of a plan or at least remember to set the alarm clock before turning it in for the evening. In business, how oft...

I was ready to do business with you, but

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About the author   Regardless of your culture, upbringing, economic status or stage of life, we can all agree on one thing.  If we are going to spend our hard-earned money with you or your company, you must first listen to us, meet us where we are, provide value to our lives, care about what we need, use the communication methods that are easy for us, do a really good job and stand by your product and workmanship.  If we are super-lucky, you’ll also say thank you and follo...

Balance well and win every time!

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About the author   We’ve all seen the gymnast with perfect form, poise, preciseness and execution.  They make it seem so easy and often this gives us a false sense that we could do exactly what they are doing without much effort. However, we all quickly realize that in time our athletic ability is not what it used to be.  Our discipline to be the best at our craft has slightly slipped.  We are not as tenacious as we once were.  Why?  Because life happens ...

Hidden Figures Means More Than You Think

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'Hidden Figures' is, by no stretch of the imagination, a powerful movie that demonstrates the black history and perseverance of a race. An even more powerful point the movie makes is about how black women not only persevered, but were able to rise and pave roads for those that would follow behind them.   Did you catch that? RISE! So many people take things for granted, not realizing there was a struggle they have not experience, only read about. They do not necessarily rise them...

Broke in 15 years: Wanna go out tonight?

March 26 0 Comments

A recent PwC analysis shows many people around the world will lose their jobs to automation. They think around 21% of jobs in Japan will be automated within the next 15 years. 30% of jobs in the UK could be at high risk of automation by the early 2030s and the same fate could be felt by Germany at 35%. Even worse are the numbers for the United States, which they peg at about a 38% impact.   Obviously, some sectors will be hit more than others. The highest risk will be transportation and...

Job Killer: Automation-sizing

February 20 0 Comments

When I was younger the impact on careers was the downsizing of businesses. Then we got hit with the various flavors of outsourcing (offshoring, nearshoring and outsourcing to in-country businesses). Now, we are being hit with advancements in automation and artificial intelligence. I call the next wave Automation-sizing (the loss of jobs to advancements in automation and artificial intelligence).   Over the past couple of days I have been asked for career advice and business insights per...

The Power of Thank You

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Recently, I started reviewing my LinkedIn account. No, this is not another article about how LinkedIn is going downhill. Nope. This article is about the power of saying 'thank you' to someone that has done or said something nice to you.   I mean think about it. Two simple words that tells another person you appreciate what they have said or done. Two simple words that show you were raised right. I do not mean saying the words without meaning. I mean looking the other person in the...

It Happens Quietly

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For a while now, I have been watching a situation unfold and play itself out to its foregone conclusion. Sadly, it is a scenario that happens all the time. A minority is given a job and then is replaced as quickly as they came. You can't put your finger on anything, but you know there is something there.   I watched as a consultant was hired as an assistant to several executives. She was never given the tools to be successful though. Such as, why wouldn't you give your assistant a...