Business Lessons Before 7AM

Friends, have you ever taken a moment to think about all the lessons that life teaches us before 7AM? Be honest, of course you haven’t! That’s why you were intrigued to read this article. So since you are here, let’s jump right into it!

For those that know me, you know I’m an early riser. To b...

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  • Published April 20

I was ready to do business with you, but

Regardless of your culture, upbringing, economic status or stage of life, we can all agree on one thing.  If we are going to spend our hard-earned money with you or your company, you must first listen to us, meet us where we are, provide value to our lives, care about what we need, use the communication methods that are easy for us, do a really good job and stand by your product and workmanship.  If we are super-lucky, you’ll also say thank you and follow up with us in a few m...

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  • Published April 06

Balance well and win every time!

We’ve all seen the gymnast with perfect form, poise, preciseness and execution.  They make it seem so easy and often this gives us a false sense that we could do exactly what they are doing without much effort.

However, we all quickly realize that in time our athletic ability is not what it used to be. &nb...

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  • Published March 22

Hidden Figures Means More Than You Think

'Hidden Figures' is, by no stretch of the imagination, a powerful movie that demonstrates the black history and perseverance of a race. An even more powerful point the movie makes is about how black women not only persevered, but were able to rise and pave roads for tho...

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  • Published April 02 2017

Broke in 15 years: Wanna go out tonight?

A recent PwC analysis shows many people around the world will lose their jobs to automation. They think around 21% of jobs in Japan will be automated within the next 15 years. 30% of jobs in the UK could be at high risk of automation by the early 2030s and ...

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  • Published March 26 2017

Job Killer: Automation-sizing

When I was younger the impact on careers was the downsizing of businesses. Then we got hit with the various flavors of outsourcing (offshoring, nearshoring and outsourcing to in-country businesses). Now, we are being hit with advancements in automation and artificial intelligence. I ...

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  • Published February 20 2017

The Power of Thank You, I started reviewing my LinkedIn account. No, this is not another article about how LinkedIn is going downhill. Nope. This article is about the power of saying 'thank...

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  • Published February 03 2017

It Happens Quietly

For a while now, I have been watching a situation unfold and play itself out to its foregone conclusion. Sadly, it is a scenario that happens all the time. A minority is given a job and then is replaced as quickly as they came. You can't put your finger on anything, but you know there is something there.


I watched as a consultant was hired as an assistant to several executives. She was never given the tools to be successful though. Such as, why wouldn't you give...

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  • Published August 29 2016

Can You Spare 5 Minutes for Your Career?

As a coach I speak with a lot of people. Because of this I can see the commonalities as I move from person to person. On one hand, a lot of common things I recognize are good. On the other hand, the bad thing...

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  • Published March 27 2016

Faux Social - The Attack of Dumb Shares!


How many of you log on to LinkedIn to see what is going on with your network and see posts from people that are just random links to articles? Worse ...

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  • Published March 15 2016