Hidden Figures Means More Than You Think

Edward Johnson   April 02   0 Comments 


'Hidden Figures' is, by no stretch of the imagination, a powerful movie that demonstrates the black history and perseverance of a race. An even more powerful point the movie makes is about how black women not only persevered, but were able to rise and pave roads for those that would follow behind them.


Did you catch that? RISE! So many people take things for granted, not realizing there was a struggle they have not experience, only read about. They do not necessarily rise themselves and settle for what is placed in front of them. These women achieved far more than what you think and truly laid a foundation for others to build upon, but did you see the hidden gem the movie also does a good job at pointing out to you?


It is a small and you may have missed it. Computers were human beings that performed mathematic calculations. Right now, everything only thinks of computers as machines that perform that task far faster than humans can. The real point here is they were going to be displaced by automation and advancement in technology while still breaking the race barriers.


People keep asking me why I keep harping on this topic. It is because so many people are sleeping on their careers. They are accepting of what is being fed to them. They are not stepping up their skills. They are not looking for new challenges to overcome. They are not building on what has been given to them through a hard-fought struggle. They are destined to be left behind and become irrelevant, perhaps, even forgotten.


If you have not seen the movie as of yet, Hidden Figures will do more than give you a piece of history. Not Black history, but history. Everyone shares in history whether they realize it or not. For this with eyes wide open, the movie can spur new thoughts about what the future can hold for them.


The future is not waiting for you. It will be here before you know it and be gone just as fast. STAND UP!!!