Broke in 15 years: Wanna go out tonight?

   March 26   0 Comments

A recent PwC analysis shows many people around the world will lose their jobs to automation. They think around 21% of jobs in Japan will be automated within the next 15 years. 30% of jobs in the UK could be at high risk of automation by the early 2030s and the same fate could be felt by Germany at 35%. Even worse are the numbers for the United States, which they peg at about a 38% impact.


Obviously, some sectors will be hit more than others. The highest risk will be transportation and storage. Immediately following those sectors are manufacturing, wholesale and retail. Lower risk areas include healthcare and social work with only a 17% projected decline in labor force needed. Administrative and support services may become the hardest hit. People handling clerical support could stand to be impacted at a rate as high as 70% or more.


The question is, are you on track to become extinct in the job market? Are you poised to be run out the job market buy a machine that can do your job better or more efficiently? The better question is what are you doing to step up your game? What are you doing to move into a sector that will either not be impacted or be less likely to be impacted? Are your skills transferable? Have you researched where you should be setting your sites?


More importantly, have you started working on maximizing your earnings right now and increasing your potential for the future? Sometimes landing a job or making a career move is not about the skills as much as is about how to market yourself.


So, would you date someone facing this future?